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Six Minutes to Speak – An Apologetics Student’s Thoughts

This is a powerful video that explains the real purpose of the Apologetics Competition. This video was created for use by The Apollos Project as we equip students to stand strong in the faith. I was in the room when Ali gave this speech. Enjoy.

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  • Kay Spangler says:

    Yeah! You got it! This is every apologetics teacher’s goal! Not to mention every Christian parent’s goal as well. Thanks for sacrificing and sharing. Thank you for following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Now you have a small glimpse of what Jesus meant when he said you must leave all and follow me, give up all to follow me, hate your mother and father to follow me and even let the dead bury their own dead and follow me. Thank God for His mercy on us slow-to-learn, but redeemed, sinners. Good job Ali! K.S. in ks

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