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Studying a Man of the Bible

Last summer our men’s group studied different men of the Bible. It varied the Bible study and kept the men in the Word.

After they picked a man to study: Caleb, Noah, Samson, Lot, Philemon, Barnabas, etc. here is what I gave them to study:

Goal: To so study this man so that you would recognize him if he walked into a room.

  1. Find references to this person in the Bible.
  2. Read Scripture to get some insights into this person’s life.
  3. Make a chronological outline of his life.
  4. Identify some character qualities of this person – good or bad.
  5. How is this person a picture of Christ? Or how do his flaws point to need for the perfect man – Jesus? How does this man demonstrate the need for the gospel?
  6. What crisis point did he face in his life and what did he do?
  7. What are some life lessons we can learn from him? If he were to address our men’s group and share his life lessons, what would he say?
  8. What are some applications to your life?

I plan to ramp up this type of study again for myself personally. What about you?

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