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In my Disciple-Making Parent conference, I take one hour to talk about special issues affecting preteens and teens. One area that parents need to be able to articulate is the area of sexuality.

In our sex-saturated world, our kids are being discipled by the world with nonChristian ideas. We need to be clear on what the Bible has to say. Below are a few talking points that I think need to be clear in our mind. 

1. Sex is God’s idea. It is good. It is meant to be a sign and seal of a man and woman’s covenant relationship.

2. Sin entered the world and now all of us are sexually broken.

3. The world is selling a lie that sex is everything and sex is nothing.

4. We do not need to be sexually active to live a fulfilled life. Jesus was single. Paul was single. 

5. We are not telling the truth if we say wait until you are married. Some of our children may be called to singleness.

6. Getting married does not solve problems. It trades in one set of problems for another. 

7. Same-sex attracted people are welcome in our church on the condition that everyone else is welcome – repentance.

8. Jesus taught that there are only two genders. (See Matt 19:3-6, 10-12).

9. The Bible is not outdated. Jesus is our authority. He rose from the dead. 

10. Jesus knows what is good for us. If we follow another way, we will be harmed. It just may take some time.