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Tedd Tripp – Dazzled by Idols or Dazzled by God?

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Our teenagers go into the world every single day to find things to marvel at. They are on the lookout to be impressed by something. They love to be dazzled by things in their surroundings.

But not only our teens, we were all made to be dazzled. We’re made to stand back and gape, to wonder and be overwhelmed by the glory and goodness and greatness of God. We’re uniquely designed to respond to this awesome glory with worship, adoration, reverence, and being awestruck with God’s glory.

We’re made for worship.

What happens when people who are instinctively and compulsively worshipers fail to worship God? We simply worship something else in His place. We get impressed by things, people, and experiences in creation. We get dazzled by idols. But the glory of God is displayed through the things God has made. People–teens included–are without excuse when they exchange the truth of God for a lie (Romans 1:19-21). They honor, praise, and marvel at created things rather than the Creator.

They (and we) worship idols instead of the one true God.”

Tedd Tripp, “Dazzle Your Teen”, The Journal of Biblical Counseling, Summer 2007, p.7.

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