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The Challenger Explosion, the Cross and Criticism

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Challenger shuttle explosion. I remember exactly where I was when I heard about that tragedy. Many saw it live on TV.

The investigation revealed that the explosion was caused by an unwillingness on the part of the engineers to hear criticism about possible dangers. They did not invite correction of their possible blind spots.

How many of us as parents can identify with the pride of designers and not wanting to hear the observations of others. Criticism is hard to take. But in this essential article, Alfred Poirier argues that as Christians we can take criticism more easily because:

1. In the Cross of Christ, I agree with God’s Judgment of Me
2. In the Cross of Christ, I agree with God’s Justification of Me

In other words, “I do not have to fear man’s criticism for I have already agreed with God’s criticism. And I do not look ultimately for man’s approval for I have gained by grace God’s approval.”

This article is essential for parents to read and digest so that we may continue to grow. And our children may see our growth!

P.S. This article might also be good to discuss with our teenage children.

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