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The Donut Date Journal 2: Family History Edition

I had just released The Disciple-Making Parent’s Donut Date Journal and it was doing quite well. I was excited about happy parents who were loving this time with their children. Then within one day of each other, I had similar requests. Two different young people each asked their parents:

‘Where is my journal to ask you questions?”

These parents contacted me and essentially said the same thing, “We love The Donut Date Journal. But could you please make one for children to ask questions of their parents?”

“Of course!” I thought to myself. “Why didn’t I think of that before? What a great way for children to show honor to their parents—by learning their parents’ stories!”

As I reflected more, I realized how valuable something like this would be for me. I have heard stories from my parents. But those stories had come in bits and pieces throughout the years. Over time the details have begun to fade. In addition, because I heard the stories piecemeal, I don’t remember the chronology or specific years.

But I do want to remember. This is my heritage. These are people I love!

After some work, I am about to release The Donut Date Journal 2. In this companion journal you will find 70 questions for children to ask their parents.

I think young children will enjoy asking these questions. At this age, they are eager to hear their parents’ stories and will find them interesting.

Even more, teens and adult children will enjoy asking their parents these questions. Although it has Donut Date in the title, this journal could make for stimulating conversation around the holiday table or on a long car trip. And for teens, this resource can help them connect with their parents and grandparents.

God commands his people to show honor to their parents and the aged. Unfortunately we live in a time when families are often child-centered. This resource can help bind families together and honor the different generations.

I offer it to you in the hope that it deepens the love and respect in your family!