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The Most Important Communication Skill: Listening

“If you are waiting for your turn to talk, you are not listening.”

The Wall Street Journal has five suggestions for growing in listening. When we listen well, we imitate our Father who listens to us. More information tomorrow on a new product to help you grow in communication with your teen. – Chap 

Listening has become an underrated skill, but excelling at it can improve your relationships and your career. A recent Wall Street Journal story offered some advice on how to improve as a listener. Some of the most useful tips:

1. Put away your cell phone.

2. Drop any assumption that you already know what the other person will say.

3. Ask clarifying questions to sharpen the focus of the conversation.

4. Use pauses to reflect or draw out more information.

5. Paraphrase what you think the speaker said and ask if you’re on target.

Would your young person say that you are a good listener? Are you training them in this important skill?