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The Overstressed Parent

Stephen Altrogge has a great article entitled, I Don’t Remember Chemistry and I’m Not Homeless.

His observation is that “there is a lot of pressure on parents to provide their children with the absolute perfect environment for growth.” After that comment he lists the myriad of items that children are said to need.

I can sympathize. It take lots of courage to slow down and be with our children. The things that Stephen remembers include:
1. Seeing his dad reading his Bible.
2. Fishing with my dad.
3. Jamming to music as a family.
You get the picture.

His conclusion? “What is important is that we teach our children to love Jesus, love others, and be servants. If they know Latin, great. But if not it’s really okay. Surprisingly, he has received lots of pushback in the comments section.

Read the whole article for the full impact.

Relax Mom and Dad. Take a deep breath. Aim for high standards but keep the main thing the main thing.

And speaking of the main thing, this same principle applies in the spiritual realm as well. As we seek to pass the gospel to our children, We cannot parent out of fear. The perfect environment never created the perfect Christian child. The problem is the heart.