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Thom Rainer: Five Things Pastors Should Say to their Kids


As a pastor, pastor’s kids have a special place in my heart. They sometimes see the more sordid side of church life. So I am especially concerned that they walk with the Lord as adults.

The Gospel Coalition has published two articles I wrote on this subject:
How Churches Can Care for Their Pastors’ Kids and How Pastors Can Care for Their Children

Now Thom Rainer has published an article entitled Five Things Pastors Need to Say to Their Children.

His five include:
1. You have the freedom to be a normal kid.
2. I’ve got your back.
3. I want to spend more time with you than church members.
4. I love your mom.
5. There is a lot of good in this church.

I think I would have also included some apologetics training in that list as well. After all, as a young person I would wonder why followers of Jesus would even be critical and complaining. Every young person needs to have a robust understanding of the covenant love of God for a people with indwelling sin.

Likewise, there are systemic attitudes in a church that an elder team also needs to address.

Nevertheless, these five are still good things that pastors should say.

Read his whole article here.

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