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Top Posts of 2014

With the end of the year here, we look back on our top posts from 2014.

1. Ways My Church Cared for My Kids – You can click through to an article published by The Gospel Coalition that received over 5000 Facebook likes in 3 days and 25,000 unique impressions in a month. Obviously, this is an important issue that resonated with others.

2. How Pastors Can Care for their Children – A follow-up post to the first one. The Gospel Coalition published it and it too struck a cord.

3. She’s Not Perfect but She’s Perfect for Me – Another popular article on TGC, encouraging spouses to believe in God’s providence.

4. Unsolicited Dating Advice for Young Men – CBMW published this article in October and it quickly gained over 400 likes.

5. Gordon College and the New McCarthyism – The controversy with Gordon College and my take on it received a little attention.

6. Seven Ways to Read More Books This Year – Advice on how to read more paper books. I followed most of these for 2014 and plan to do so for 2015.

7.  John Piper on the Forbearance, Cow-Pies and Marriage – This article pointed to an obscure article where John Piper helps us work through forbearing in our marriage.