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Two parents prayed:

“It’s great to be a Christian parent. And I thank God for my children that their parents are not like others – immoral, selfish, and lazy. We have such a great time when we start the day with family devotions. We never miss a day – even if we are on the car-ferry or at the airport. Our home is a haven of purity. And we do so much for missions. Our children know the names of every missionary we support. We alternate learning their names with learning chapters of Romans at bed-time. Must dash. Thank you Lord.” Signed Farah C.

“Lord, I feel so useless. Please have mercy on my kids because, with a parent like me, they sure need it.” Signed Fay Lure.

Which parents went home heard by God? See Luke 18:9-14

From Gospel-Centered Family p. 31.

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    That seems to be what I find myself praying for my family the most! His tender mercy and His grace, I am so thankful they are new every morning!

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