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Websites and Email to Teach Your Children About the World


You do care about God’s world but life is busy. How can we keep God’s heart for the world on our minds? How can we encourage our children to learn about God’s world?

Here are some sites I know about. Email me any you think should be added.

Operation World is the definitive guide to the status of Christianity around the world. You can receive a daily email for a country to pray for. I do and it is valuable prompt to pray (and learn about a country).

Joshua Project – Cool map of unreached people groups. Makes you want to pray and turn those red dots green!

Joshua Project will send an unreached people group to your email. Another great prompt to pray.

States and Nations Game – Ok, time to race against the clock to name the states and the nations of the world. Test yourself. How many can you name? Very cool.

Others you know about?