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When You Should NOT Have Family Devotions

This is the fifth article on family devotions. The introduction is here. Seven Principles to keep in mind is here. 10 Ideas for Devotions is here.

The devil, the flesh, and the world will fight this time of family discussion and prayer. It is possible for this time to become negative, where the family is in a downward cycle of conflict around family devotions. Perhaps the children are not under control for a discussion and so there is constant distraction and correction. Maybe you as the leader are droning on, boring your family  to tears, and not asking questions to involve the other family members. Perhaps you have been following a long established pattern that is… to speak plainly, boring.

Whatever the reason, if family devotions is a negative experience, make a strategic retreat to regroup. If the problem is discipline, seek to work with your spouse to come up with a plan for control. Perhaps move from the table to the living room. If the problem is that you are teaching over the children’s understanding, find a devotional book that is appropriate to their ages. You can find a solution. If family devotions is a negative experience, suspend the time until you can figure out how to solve the problem.

But don’t give up. This time is too valuable. God will give you grace.

This is the fifth article on family devotions. Read them all here  here and here and here.

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