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I have said before that the family is to display the Trinity. In the family, as in the Trinity, there is unity, diversity, love, honor, and obedience. And as an intentional parent I repeatedly wanted to cast a vision for all of those values when our children were at home.But do you notice a missing component?Joy.

The Triune God is a happy God and overflows with joy!

Similarly, I believe one of the most attractive qualities we can strive for in our families is joy. Joy marks us off as different than the world. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and of knowing Jesus.

(From the archivesCheck out this podcast with Dr. Randy Stinson on having peace and joy in the home. )

But what are some practical things we can do to bring joy and encouragement? I have written about the power of the red plate to bring encouragement.

In addition, I recently heard about one family’s tradition that I think I am going to start.

Laughing at Ourselves
Many families have a small container on or around the dinner table where there are slips of paper with things  to be thankful for or prayer requests. That is a great practice.

But this mom had turned that tradition on its head.

“Throughout the year,” she said, “We all put in the pot slips of paper that had funny things that had happened to us that day. We report on the event at the table, laugh, and then write it down on a slip of paper.”

“Then at the end of the year, after Christmas, we take out all the slips of paper, read them again, and then vote on which is the funniest. We can hardly get through them all because we are laughing so hard.”

What a great idea! I want to be a part of this family. I wish I had practiced that myself! But even with four children out of the home, I think I still can start.

So that means I have the first entry – falling into the pond two weeks ago while trying to get into the kayak……