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Kevin DeYoung says that winning the next generation is easier and harder than we think. His advice?

1. Grab Them With Passion.

2. Win Them With Love.

3. Hold Them With Holiness.

4. Challenge Them With Truth.

5. Amaze Them With God.

Good evaluative questions for parents or church leaders might be:

1. How zealous is my life? Our church? Do I get them around zealous Christians? Or nice people? How can I increase my zeal?

2. Does my life show real, earnest, biblical love? (not niceness)

3.  Do my children see me growing? Or is my life’s holiness mocking my words? Where am I fighting sin?

4. Am I placing them and myself in situations to really study the truth? How can I grow in truth myself?

5.  Does God seem amazing to me? Do I express that amazement to my kids? How can I increase my amazement?

Good post by Kevin DeYoung.

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