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How Do You Feel About Your Own Authority?

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I recently returned from a wonderful time at Together for the Gospel (T4G) with over 11,000 in attendance. The conference encouraged me over the years as a pastor. There was always wonderful teaching, worship, fellowship, and books. Lots and lots of books! It was a balm to my soul. One talk this year was particularly helpful in thinking about authority. As I listened, I found myself thinking about all of the parents today who seem uncomfortable with the authority God says that we have. Much of this can be traced to a misunderstanding of the nature of authority that our culture…

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Levels of Delegation – What Smart Leaders in the Home and Church Understand

By Leadership

I find delegation difficult. It is much easier for me to do something myself. I know how I want it and cannot put it into words. In addition, over the years I have had a number of delegated projects that failed. As a result, I shy away from delegation. But that is not a godly attitude. Whether you call it delegation, equipping, training, or empowering, one job of a leader in the church is to oversee. Oversee what? Among other things, oversee the saints carrying out the ministry of the body of Christ. Leaders Are To Equip Ephesians 4:12 states…

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Godly Manhood by Bruce Ware

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Bruce Ware on Godly Manhood. His outline includes: 1. Love – Love for God and love for my wife. 2. Leadership – Biblical manhood involves exercising leadership initiative. 3. Example – Lead by your example. 4. Authority – God has given special authority to fathers and husbands.. 5. Acceptance – Of my wife. 6. Listening – Just listen to my wife. 7. Understanding – Understand my wife. 8. Work – A man’s main sense of identity, responsibility, and purpose is found in his work. 9. Sexuality – We are each other’s only legitimate expression of human sexuality. Treasure it. 10….

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